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Bimmer Nut Ed
11-29-2011, 02:29 PM

Making additions to your beautiful BMW can sometimes be intimidating; however nothing could be easier then installing a set of new HID lights (http://www.hidxenonheadlights.com/BMW-HID-Kits/). This new technology is quickly becoming one of the most exciting things on the market right now. Called high-intensity discharge (HID) headlights, these remarkably powerful and bright lights were first introduced by BMW in 1991. Now, a decade later, they have become a symbol of the style and class that is trademark of the BMW. What makes these unusual lights so bright is the heating of an inert gas called xenon. When doing this the HID lights are able to have a brighter, wider, and farther reach then traditional halogen lights.
Even with HIDs being so easy to assemble they still need a special ballast which converts the vehicles existing 12v DC to a rate that is high enough to actually light the gas.
In addition to the HID becoming popular, they have also been used simultaneously with another special lighting technology called LED. These bulbs are light, energy efficient, and extremely durable. Often the LED lights will be constructed into a circle and placed over what is called a projector ring. When used together your headlights will have a powerful bluish white glow.
To install your new HID lights you will need to do some preparation work by ensuring that your environment is safe to work in. You can do this by making sure that your vehicle is turned off, your BMWs battery has been unplugged, and it is a good idea to wait on working until your engine has completely cooled off.

Installing the new Xenon bulb

Installation of your new xenon bulb is simple and only requires the removal of the low beam dust cover. You can find this cover in the back of the headlight assembly and removing it can be done by simply rotating it. After gaining access to the old bulb, remove it by disconnecting the wiring.


Installing the unique ballast
To finish the installation of your HIDs you will first need to locate a secure spot for the special ballast. Remember that the BMW was not originally built with this lighting in mind so you will need to find a place that is both safe and secure. Also keep in mind that the ballast will need to be able to reach both the bulb, and the wiring, so make sure that you give yourself enough room. After the ballast is securely installed connect the bulb to the wiring.
Now that you have completed installation of your new HID lights it is a good idea to first check through all the connections that you have made, and double check to see if the ballast is solid in place. Once you have done this test your new lights.

Bimmer Nut Ed
11-30-2011, 03:27 AM
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