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07-19-2008, 01:18 AM
Hella Type 5DR 004 241-121, 14.1V, for 28mm slipring, for Bosch alternators only. Sample image http://www.auimg.com/bilder/002/500/b399.jpg
OEM part 12311735742, 12311731908, 12311726022, Supersedes: 12321711399, Exchangeable retrospectively 12321279548,12311271664 http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=GB43-USA-12-1987-E32-BMW-735i&mg=12&sg=22&diagId=12_0524&q=12311726022 This product fits 54 BMW vehicle variants.
BMW 5 Series (E12,E28,E34,E39,E60,E61): 1 models, 12 variants between 1988 and 1993.BMW 7 Series (E23,E32,E38,E65,E66,F01,F02): 3 models, 27 variants between 1986 and 1994.
BMW 8 Series (E31): 2 models, 15 variants between 1989 and 1995. like E31 850Ci/CSi, E32 750;735, 730 M30; E34 535, E34 530i M30
Reference # OE for various car brands: 116 1005 0600 8, 116 1005 0600 811, 116 1005 0601 1, 119 1305 0600 0, 119 1305 0600 023, 119 1305 06023, 607 43997, 607 5201 6, 705 6840 0000 0, 705 6848 00000, 904 7100, 994 1761, 995 0116, 995 0612, 068 903 803, 068 903 803 B, J27 000 040 10, 1 271 664, 12 31 1 271 664, 5761.55

Hella voltage 5DR 004 242-051 14.5V regulator, new, for BOSCH alternators only, Slipring OD: 14 mm https://imgur.com/a/Qd62WTO
fits for E36 320/323/325/328/E36 M3,Z3,E34 530/540/520/525, E32 740, E31 840 with BOSCH alternators.
replacement for BMW # 12311247892 ,12311432964,12311730604,12311739365,12311747920,1 2317739365,12311738351
Also used on: Audi Quattro, Nissan Primera, VW Bus
Audi/VW: 021 903 803B, 028 903 803B, 028 903 803C,Bosch: 1-197-311-212, 1-197-311-214 1-197-311-220,
Fendt F515900010010,Flat/Lancla: 2174825, 9944423, 9947103, 9950401,Iveco 42531176, 9950561, Magneti-Marelll: 940038014, Mercedes-Benz: 0021548502, 0331540706, ALTERNATOR: Bosch: 0-120-335-007, 0-120-465-008,

in case you are not sure, please use www.realoem.com and select with your VIN the OEM part number to compare. Hella vehicle application list with Hella nos. + OEM p/n https://cat.hella.com/web/public/hella/en/index.xhtml
Comes in original packing with installation instructions. Hella/Germany, made in China

price: $45.00 shipped worldwide by SAL, not registered, not trackable, $50.00 shipped worldwide by air, registered. Paypal o.k., Shipping place: Japan. Have several on stock. Contact me

01-18-2016, 11:45 PM
@BigKriss: voltage regulator is on the way to Australia.
@zmuff; was just sent out to VA, USA
@ Dale Wood:was sent out to Ontario/Canada
@erwin, just sent out yours for the E32 750 140A Bosch alternator to Austin, TX, yours could look like this one, from Nate's 750iL
heres a pic of how bad mine was - new one from shogun was here in 3 days. thanks again -Nate
@Alex: SHIPPED TO Pyrmont, NSW, Australia for E34 535.
@Jim: 1 voltage regulator sent to San Diego for your E31 850
@Scott: 1 voltage regulator for your Bosch alternator in E32 735 was sent out to Gaithersburg, MD
@Azlan: 1 Hella voltage regulator typ 5DR 004 241-131 for your E32 735i with Bosch alternator was sent by EMS to Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia
@Carl: 1 x voltage regulator for your E32 750 with Bosch alternator 140A was sent by air to Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
@George: 1 x Hella voltage regulator Type 5DR 004 241-121, 14.1V, for 28mm slipring for Bosch alternators for your E31 1992 850ci - Hartge H8 6.0 conversion was shipped to London, U.K.
@Joel: the Hella voltage regulator for your E34 525 has been sent out today by air, small packet to Hamburg, New York
@Mike: 1 set ignition wires for M70 for your E32 750 plus a Hella voltage regulator Type 5DR 004 241-121, 14.1V, 28 mm, for Bosch alternators were just sent out to San Jose, CA.
@Dan: 1 x Hella voltage regulator 5DR 004 241-121, 14.1V, for 28mm slipring for Bosch alternators for your E31 850 was sent to Huntsville, Alabama
@bimmerd00d: Voltage regulator 5DR 004 242-051 for your E34 540 was sent to Austin, TX
@Michael: 1 M70 voltage regulator for Bosch alternator for your E32 750iL was shipped out today to San Jose, CA
@Joe: 1 x voltage regulator for Bosch alternator 140A for E32 750iL shipped to Stroudsburg, Pa.18360

09-19-2016, 07:25 AM
minimum length of carbon brushes on alternator voltage regulator is 5mm.
5mm = what stands out of the voltage regulator, here shown for the M30 engine http://workshop-manuals.com/bmw/5_series_e34/535i_m30_sal/2_repair_instructions/12__engine_electrical_system_(m30)/31__alternator_with_drive_and_mounting/4_ra__checking_alternator_and_regulator_switch/
Check slip rings for wear, disassembling alternator and fine-grinding as well as polishing slip rings if necessary.
Check for truth of running of slipring. Max. eccentricity for slip rings is 0.03 mm.
Disassembling and assembling Bosch alternator 90/115/150A
http://workshop-manuals.com/bmw/5_series_e34/535i_m30_sal/2_repair_instructions/12__engine_electrical_system_(m30)/31__alternator_with_drive_and_mounting/6_ra__disassembling_and_assembling_alternator_(bos ch_90_115_140_a)/
Replacing ball bearing Bosch alternator
Replacing diode plate Bosch alternator
Electric test on Bosch alternator
Replacing alternator belt pulley
Replace alternator belt pulley with overrunning clutch
http://workshop-manuals.com/bmw/5_series_e34/535i_m30_sal/2_repair_instructions/12__engine_electrical_system_(m30)/31__alternator_with_drive_and_mounting/3_ra__replacing_alternator_belt_pulley_(with_overr unning_clutch)/

06-29-2018, 08:59 PM
@Wim: 1 x Hella voltage regulator for E32 750iL for Bosch alternator 0 120 468 072 to replace Bosch Voltage Regulator 1 197 311 038 shipped to Birmingham, AL
@Serge: 1 28mm Hella voltage regulator for your M70 Bosch alternator shipped to Boca Raton, FL

03-03-2020, 09:43 AM
Hint for correct installation on the large 140A Bosch alternator on the M70, also used on E32 735 etc.
I sent to to someone with an 01/1991 E32 750i a voltage regulator, then he posts the following: Voltage Regulator replacement results in LOWER voltage at OBC! Previously I would get 13.5-13.9 V at the OBC test readout. I decided to replace the voltage regulator with one supplied by Shogun (Hella). Now that I've had chance to drive the car I'm only getting 12.99-13.45V (even at over 1500 rpm) depending whether or not lights and auxiliary cooling fan are on! How can this be? I test fitted the new voltage regulator twice and mounting screws fit properly. I noticed that the black plastic cover would not fit perfectly flush with the new regulator and I assumed that this was because the round black metal cap on the voltage regulator is somewhat higher/thicker? What should I do?, Remove and replace voltage regulator again? I can do that without removing the high pressure lines from the block, (I think). Or should I just replace the entire alternator? (remove radiator, tensioners, alter bolts, etc.). It's going to get cold here again and I need good charging voltage! Photos of old regulator attached. http://www.bimmerboard.com/members/bimmermeister/IMGP0344.JPG http://www.bimmerboard.com/members/bimmermeister/IMGP0346.JPG
Battery voltage as measured at the engine room + and strut tower - terminals is 12.7. While at idle, voltage at these points is 13.5V-13.7V. At the same time OBC test 9 says around 12.9-13.3 fluctuating occasionally as high as 13.5. Also, interior lights PULSING now and not before!
some days later...... Eureka! I found the problem, now I can go and kick myself in the A$$! The attached pictures tell the story. The voltage regulator replacement while in the car is very difficult and you can't see how it goes in. I should have used a mirror. The first photo shows the incorrect installation and the last photo is the correct installation. Note that there are additional screw threads in the mounting surface above the actual voltage regulator. THESE ARE THE SAME SIZE DIAMETER AND THREAD PITCH AND ARE EASILY CONFUSED WHEN YOU CANNOT SEE THE ALIGNMENT OF THE VOLTAGE REGULATOR! I suggest using a mirror, if possible. It is easy to mis-align the voltage regulator resulting in less brush pressure, even though it seems to fit and mounting screws seem to fasten normally. This was the cause of my low charging voltage and with further testing by a local parts store there was "pulsing" of the charge. No wonder the plastic cover did not fit correctly! I though that the replacement voltage regulator was projecting outward because of different dimensions.