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Thread: Where can I buy Stabilant 22 in Phoenix AZ?

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    Default Where can I buy Stabilant 22 in Phoenix AZ?

    I am going to use it on every GM and RM connection as well as any other connection I can get my hands on.
    Their website says Checker carries it, but no dice when I checked them. Thanks.
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    Default Stabilant 22

    Try the VW dealer, part number ZVW 186 001

    Looks just like the high school kids out in the park when they roll up a blunt, makes my eyes red just looking at it

    The Carquest in town could get it from their warehouse last time I checked a couple years ago, part number SL-5.

    Micro Tools used to carry it. Haven't checked their catalog lately, the .pdf is a bit large & I don't have broadband:

    There is also a similar product called "Deox-it" that Radio Shack carries.
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    Default I couldn't stop laughing for 2 minutes ....

    when I read your post, I can imagine your frustration with the GM functions problem, just similar to the one I have with my check control module. Unfortunately, there is no way I can get Stabilant 22 in Venezuela, and I cannot bring some with me when traveling to USA. Actually, every one talks about it but seems to be a hard to find product.

    Please be sure to let us know about the results of cleaning and treating CM and RM connections.


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    Default If Gordon can't get it anymore then you can get it here ,

    Looks like Vacaville CaliforniaStabilant

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