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Thread: 4HP22 Transmission problems

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    Default 4HP22 Transmission problems

    I have a 1985 BMW 325e with 130k miles on it. A couple of months ago the transmission started acting up. The symptons are:

    1: If you shift to D the cars will not move
    2: in 3 the car creeps until it gets up to about 20 mph, then you can manually shift it to 4th
    3: 2 does not move at all
    4: In 1 the car starts off okay but when you shift up to 2 nothing happens, if you wait to about 40 mph and shift to 3 it is okay, then shift to 4 it is fine
    5: when coming to a stop you have to downshift to 1st or it will stall

    I have been researching this for a while, and last night I dropped the pan and the fluid was burnt black and smelled awful. I dropped the valve body and nothing looks broke and vavles all move freely. Took each valve apart and none of the springs ar broke or worn, and none are show and signs of scoring. There was no glitter in the oil, and nothing in the pan.

    There are a couple of issue I have now that I dropped the valve body, I am not for sure on the locaiton of one of the check balls. Does anyone have a diagram of the check ball locations?

    Also could the problems have been from bad tranny fluid?

    What fluid shoud I run? I have not done a search on the forum yet I will look in to this.

    Thanks for the information.

    John (

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    Here is a link to your fluid question.

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