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Thread: ot.opinions on fuji s5500

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    Default ot.opinions on fuji s5500

    first off i now i am a stick in the mud for wanting a slr like camera but hey those little dinky things make me feel as tho i am trying to hang onto a matchbox!I like the 10 x zoom and the built in grip design.But how about its features/benefits as a camera!
    Here is a link to some specs if youre interested

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    Hi Paul.
    I just bought a Canon Pro1 reently after much deliberation.
    had checked all the photo mag ratings and many web sites.
    Two main contenders were Nikon Coolpix 8700 and Canon Pro1.
    Both 8MP with varying differences.
    Canon is better laid out and has a few niftier features. The price has also just recently come down.

    If you after a Prosumer camera (i.e. Almost SLR) you can't go past the Canon.
    Trevor (Sydney)

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    Default i have a fuji s602..................

    i have it 2 years. i have a single black pixel on the display (within first year & opted out of sending it to them to fix since they wanted to keep it 6-8 weeks), this past summer i got dust on the inside of the lens & found out there is no easy way to take apart to clean. fuji said to buy new lens for 300-500 dollars & camera shop said 75 & up to clean. so i spent 15 minutes blasting compressed air around the lens to clear out the dirt. it does not work well in low light. my nephew just purchased a fuji s7000. basically the same camera but higher mp. i highly recommend the canon digital rebel. every one i have talked to that owns one has great results & would not use anything else but a better canon model.
    hope this helps
    tim s.

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