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Thread: WTB: 92 e34 ///M5 Left front caliper

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    Default WTB: 92 e34 ///M5 Left front caliper

    IF anyone can help I ourchased 3 calipers from a 92 ///M5 e34 and I am looking for the front left caliper and carrier to complete the brakes so I can have them installed.

    If you can help or point me in the right direction. I have already contact alot of the pick and pulls and no one has any. I guess I am looking for an individual that has one

    any and all help is great....


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    May be a stupid question, but are any other calipers the same as the E34 M5? Maybe a 740i or something??


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    $63 + $40 core for rebuilt caliper at

    Gee! M5 calipers are darn cheap! The rears can be had for $80 total at Mr. Auto Parts.

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