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Thread: Do control arms suffer the same fate as thrust arms?

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    Default Do control arms suffer the same fate as thrust arms?


    The infamous thrust arm bushing failure (and the 750 fix) is well documented. What happens with the control arms? Do they not see the same load and therefore last much longer?

    If replacing them, does one also use 750 bushings?


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    actually, I just redid mine, and the thrust arms came out looking pretty good, but the control arms around the ball joint looked pretty shot. I was amazed at how good my thrust bushings looked and it made me feel slightly inadequate, as if perhaps I'm not pushing them hard enough.

    I'm posting a picture when I get home for Bill B's benefit, so in about 2hrs you'll get a chance to see some stock arms after 75k mi.

    ps. I used the 750 thrust arm bushings. Very very firm (IMHO). The control arms are stock lemforder, so we'll see how they hold up.
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    Though I can't give good personal experience, Yves at BMA said that he has sold "many hundreds of thrust arms" but "only one set of control arms". Between Yves, and a general consensus that appears on the board, it would seem (stry) that control arms are not stressed nearly as much as the thrust arms.
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