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Thread: Injector question

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    Default Injector question

    I was replacing the O rings on the injectors ('90 M20) and broke one of the tabs at the base of the plastic tip that looks like it holds the O ring in place. Do I need to replace this? It doesn't look like the O ring will slip off and the others or still OK.

    If I need to replace them (orange plastic tips), How do they come off?

    Thanks in advance


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    Bill, I dont think you can replace the tips, I just looked at an old injector. I think there is a bit of a lip in the injectors hole, if there is your good to go with no worrry.
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    the heat shields are a bit of a pain to deal with, the new ones just snap on i generally just cut the old ones off
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    Default Ditto that...

    but I used my wizard tool to cut the injector plastic cap off. I didn't like using the niddle nose pliers for the whole job. This is what the guy from Five-O told me he did. Just cut at the recess of the injector shank which is half way the length of the injector plastic heat shield. Make sure you don't cut all the way through or else you'll cut through the injector metal shank.
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