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Thread: Internal Gearbox Repair - recommendations?

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    Default Internal Gearbox Repair - recommendations?

    I'm thinking of opening up the gearbox to fix a problem with the selector mechanism on my 98 E36 318ism. The gear stick left and right movement to reverse and 5th is very stiff and sticky. The forward/backwards movement of the stick is perfect, as is the left right movement between 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 4th.

    I already have the box out to do a clutch change.

    TIS shows that I need to pull the bellhousing/front section of the gearbox casing from the rear section.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Assuming I get the casing off, are needle rollers and other bits going to fall out of everything? Im I getting myself in too deep and should take it to a gearbox mechanic?

    Thanks Guys

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    My understanding is that all bmw getrag boxes have a press fit case. You need a press to open it up. You have to replace all the case mounted bearings as part of the assembly process. Not something for the home mechanic...

    Or so is my understanding...maybe someone here can add some more?

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