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    How to take out the evaporator for E34-1990 model?
    Any tips?


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    it's a bit of a pain if you've never done one before, you remove the fittings through the firewall first 5mm allen if i remember right, the inside work starts with removing the glove box then the carpet panel (+ screw in middle) on side of the evap case, then remove the floor vent duct that comes out of the side of the case, then you should be looking at the cover for the evap and expansion valve (sometimes torx sometimes +) then theres a 5mm allen (i think) holding the manifold that goes from the expansion valve to the hoses at the firewall. the evap slides right out of the case but on installing you need to remove the temp probe thats instered from the other side of the case, then slide the evap in and reinstall the probe, the allens that hold the expansion valve to the evap should be 2.5mm or 3mm, the trick to removing tight allens is to snap them loose quickly, a long slow pull will strip them
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