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Thread: 91 735i - wise buy or not? CARFAX?

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    Default 91 735i - wise buy or not? CARFAX?

    I am a non-BMW owner who has been looking for some time at various 7-series BMW's.

    I found one that looks really good although have not seen it in person. It is a 91 735i with 83,000 miles. The only issue they claim is the radio doesn't work and they don't have the book with the security code. From a looks perspective, it looks fantastic and hardly used.

    I've heard the 735's were very reliable with a great 6 cyl; much more so than the early 740's.

    Any advice? Anything specific to ask about or look for ?

    Can anyone run a carfax for me? VIN is WBAGB4316MDB67854

    I'm looking for a solid ride without a ton of maintenance to be done - and something I can give my teenager in 2 years as a first car that I know will be reliable and safe.

    Advice and tips appreciated.

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    The engine of the 735 is most widely used and generally the " working horse" among the BMW engines. That means that you will have easy access to used parts. The engine is easier to service than the more complicated V12 I have, and there is also much more space in the engine room to do a service. According to the VIN decoder the car was built in 01/1991, Vehicle code GB43. I have no access to carfax.
    Go to my link page and click in second section "before buying...."
    There is a write up in German and the same one in English.
    Does not matter which engine is described there, but the ietms to check or where problems are to be expected are all the same for the E32 model.
    click here

    On my page there is also a link to the E34 net. Worthwhile to check this one out. There is one good page "what will break". It tells you exactly what to check, because basically the E34 and E32 are same, except the body mainly. But many parts are interchangeable.

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    I think will also have some info on that model. Check it out.

    There's an e32 link.

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