I am a non-BMW owner who has been looking for some time at various 7-series BMW's.

I found one that looks really good although have not seen it in person. It is a 91 735i with 83,000 miles. The only issue they claim is the radio doesn't work and they don't have the book with the security code. From a looks perspective, it looks fantastic and hardly used.

I've heard the 735's were very reliable with a great 6 cyl; much more so than the early 740's.

Any advice? Anything specific to ask about or look for ?

Can anyone run a carfax for me? VIN is WBAGB4316MDB67854

I'm looking for a solid ride without a ton of maintenance to be done - and something I can give my teenager in 2 years as a first car that I know will be reliable and safe.

Advice and tips appreciated.