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Thread: '94 530iT Won't Stay Running

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    Default '94 530iT Won't Stay Running

    My '94 530i will not run with the MAF sensor connected. It idles as if the timing or mixture is way off. Eventually, it dies. Upon playing with it I discovered if I electrically disconnected the MAF sensor the car would run fine. (After it warmed up a little.) I replaced the MAF sensor and the same thing happens. Obviously, it is not the sensor. I can not pull any codes out of the ecu. (I don't seem to have the knack for the 5 floorings of the accelerator in 5 seconds.) The check engine light is not lit with the MAF connected but does illuminate when the MAF sensor is disconnected. Any ideas as to what is wrong?

    Maybe this is another clue, I get great gas mileage without the MAF sensor when on the highway; 28MPG. Normally it is about 24.5 on the highway.

    Any help would be appreciated!


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    idle stabilizer perhaps? i'm not an expert, but in know that if this electrically powered thing is no operating the idle is affected significantly. hoepfully i haven't embarrased myself the MAF the idle stabilizer? bob in houston.

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    ICV problem perhaps a loose fitting
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    Default '94 530iT Won't Go

    I don't think it is the ICV because the car idles fine without the MAF sensor being connected. I think it would still die with or wtihout the MAF sensor if the ICV were not working. Also, cracking the throttle by hand (or foot!) should allow it to idle with a bad ICV. (I think the ICV is a bypass air type, right?) But the car will not run for more than a few seconds with the MAF sensor (electrically) connected. It is as if the sensor is giving the ECU totally bogus information and it does not know how to compensate for it.

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