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Thread: Wheel aligment/steering wheel question.

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    Default Wheel aligment/steering wheel question.

    Hi just had the alignment done on the car by BMW and it is spot on according to the print outs, however the steering wheel is now a bit off centre, a few degrees to the left when driving straight. Can I simply remove the steering wheel and re-align it rather than taking it back to BMW which is hassle and time. If so, what precautions should I take with the airbag and would the airbag light need re-setting?


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    Before you start pulling the steering wheel off, try swapping the wheels/tires around. The tires could be causing the wheel centering problem.

    There is also a centering mark on the steering gear, it's located underneath the steering gear just below where the small universal joint is on your steering linkage. You can check if it's aligned when the steering wheel is straight with a small mirror. That would tell you that the steering wheel would need to be pulled.

    If you do pull the steering wheel, DON'T FORGET TO DISCONNECT THE BATTERY, or you will be going to the dealer to get the SRS reset.


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