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Thread: UK 89 525iSE piccies!

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    Default UK 89 525iSE piccies!

    I finally got a half decent digicam, and have ended up with some quite good shots of the car hosted, so I thought I'd share them here and at bmw-land . All these were taken with a Canon Powershot A75 at max quality, then sized down and re-encoded in photoshop:

    Looks better here than in real life, but a nice car all the same

    Action shot at 60mph. Good photo considering I was concentrating on driving rather than looking at the cam.

    My nice M-Tec II wheel, fresh from eBay

    My absolutely filthy engine bay

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    Very flat there, East Anglia?

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    that'd keep me up at night

    Quote Originally Posted by StuartB

    My absolutely filthy engine bay
    all america wants is cold beer warm cat and a place to take a poop with a door on it

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