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Thread: Fuel tank strap snapped...p/n?

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    Default Fuel tank strap snapped...p/n?

    My passenger side fuel tank strap snapped yesterday evening as I performed a high-G deceleration on an exit ramp. It looks like it was fairly rusted at the breakage point by looking at what left of it...a large section disintegrated in process of pulling over after the odd scraping sound was heard coming from the rear.

    The drivers side seems fine but it might go anytime also so I'd better replace both now while i'm at it.

    Could someone please let me know what the part numbers are for both fuel tank straps for an 1989 535i?

    Thank you!
    1989 535iA 254k Miles
    1992 535iM 330k Miles

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    Left strap is 16 11 1 179 160, Right strap is 16 11 1 179 159

    Custom Turbocharged 1991 535iM - 135k mi.

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