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Thread: Studdering when cold

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    Hey all, its been awhile, ive been working, but i do enjoy reading the posts. Anyways, my problem is this. Every morning when i start my car, and i press the accelerator, the car hicups BAD. As in, i go for half throttle and the engine studders and the car bairly accelerates. This problem goes away in about 1 minute and never returns till the car has sat for a long time (like over night). Just had some work done, like a tune up, valve job, and oil change (including changing to synthetic oil). Could this be the problem, or maybe o2 sensor (hasnt been replaced in awhile). The car is a 90 525i.


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    I'm no expert but it sounds like a bad temperature sensor. Seems like the computer does not receive a signal that the engine is cold and so does not compensate with more fuel.

    '89 525i

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    Default Same here...

    Mine does exactly the same thing, I'll keep an eye on this thread and hopefully we'll see if we can sort it out. At my varsity parking space, I have to drive over a concrete thing about 3" high to get out, first thing in the morning it's impossible to drive smoothly over it so I end up lurching over it (even crunched the trans pan once, ouch!)

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    Hey there Longhorn, Have a very similar prob. M50 engine 285k Most noticeable when cold is that stuttering almost like a missfire. Mine is at about 2250 rpm to abt 2700, on light throttle (mostly) I hope too that someone may be able to assist all 4 of us....
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    Thanks guys for the replys, hopefully someone has a solution to this seemingly common problem, i guess its on to plug and chug.

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