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Thread: Rolling Vibration

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    Default Rolling Vibration

    For about the past month, I've noticed that I'm getting a rolling vibration.....kind of a grinding feeling from the left front wheel. It is constant when going in a straight line but increases during right hand turns, getting worse the more I turn the wheel. The vibration / grinding can be felt in the steering wheel. However, during left turns, where there is less load on the left front wheel, it is almost un-noticable. About 6 months ago, I changed the front brakes, rotors and hubs and the car has driven beautifully up until the last month or so.

    What could this be? I checked the brakes and the torque on the hub and everything is in check?

    Any ideas?

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    your wheel bearing has gone bad. When you lift the load (turn left) lifts the pressure off that bearing, straight has load, right turn adds load. They are not to bad to do and I don't believe that they are very expensive. Sorry to hear it but thats your problem. GOOD LUCK, and hopefully you'll be rolling smooth,(and quiet).

    Peace bro!

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    Default That's what I thought

    Kind of frustrating as I just put new hubs and bearing in about 6 months ago. I'll have to see what BMA can do for me.


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    Default if its really hthe bearing,

    and the sound increases with speed it is possible. Remove the tire, push the brakes out of the way and then spin the hub and see if you can hear anything like the bearing deal, maybe even pop the wheel back on to get a feel for it. i cant see a new one going bad that fast unless it was defective.
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