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Thread: '92 double panel sunroof

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    Default '92 double panel sunroof

    '92 525it double panel sunroof.
    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix the 2 panel sunroof?
    The switch illuminates when the headlights are on. The sunroof will start to raise to open about a half inch when the switch is pushed up to the auto-close position and will close when pushed again but that's it. I put a new switch in hoping for a quick fix with no luck.

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    Check this thread.
    (hope this pastes okay, if it doesn't work let me know.)

    Ryan was hosting a pdf file showing the 40+ page manual on our sunroofs. Don't really have any experience t-shooting them though, mine has always worked (knock on wood). I'd think that if it's not the switch, and if you can hear the motors trying to run (can you?), it might be something hanging up or misaligned.

    Micah used to have a whole long list of touring sunroof documents. But I just checked and he's moved them off the old site and they're not on the new site. You could PM him and see if he still has it.
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