​Electronic Transmission Control

67 pages training material for download ​https://www.ge39.com/files/electran1+2.pdf

Purpose of the System

Transmission Version and Control Systems

​Hydramatic Control Systems

​Transmission Identification

​Transmission ID Tag Location

​System Components (Electrical)

​Transmission Control Module

​Turbine Speed Sensor

​Transmission Oil Temp Sensor

​Kickdown Switch

​Brake Switch

Transmission Range Selector Switch

Transmission Program Switch

​Steptronic Components

​Magnetic Valves

Pressure Regulating Solenoids

Hydramatic Pressure Regulator

​Mechatronics Module GA 6HP26Z

​Instrument Cluster

Transmission Features and Principles of Operation
Adaptive Hydraulic Pressure Control

Downshift Protection

​Reverse Lockout

​Engine Warm Up Cycle

​ASC/DSC Shift Intervention

​Torque Reduction

​Emergency Program

​AC Compressor Load Sensing (Hydramatic Transmissions)

​Torque Converter Clutch

​Lock-Up Torque Converter

​Shift Solenoid Control

​Pressure Regulation

​Shift Programs

​3 Position Program Switch

​Steptronic Shift Modes

​Automatic Functions in Manual Mode

​Steptronic Shifter Circuit

​Steptronic System Comparison

​Adaptive Features (AGS)

Driver influenced features of AGS

Drive away Evaluation

​Kick Fast Feature

​Environmentally influenced AGS features

​STOP and GO

​Winter Drive Program

​Hill Recognition Program

​Curve Recognition

​Cruise Control Drive program

​Manually Selected “Extreme Sport” Program

​Modifications to AGS features

​CAN Bus Communication

​CAN Bus Topology

​Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

​Fault Codes

​Test Modules

​Diagnostic Tips

​TCM Coding and Programming

​Transmission Fluid Information

​Transmission Fluid Checking Procedures

​Transmission Fluid Application

​Transmission Service

​BMW Special Tools (Transmission)