final version IHKA repair selector/slider in 3D available now. We have tested them over a longer period. Comment by BMWTestPilot:
Finally installed IHKA selector/sliders. Installation was very easy. Parts aligned perfectly. Inner trapezoids took a bit of careful placement – turning the unit on it’s side proved the best. Spring was installed once sliders were in position – sliders to the right, spring onto left tab then compress spring and guide it on using a picker and keeping one’s finger over the spring on case it “springs” out and disappears into the ether.

Once installed, test functionality, which is perfect. I did place a small drop of silicone lubricant on the base of slider which operate on the base unit and the back of the trapezoids – NOT on the “hooks” nor the white triangular Selectors at the rear of the buttons.

The sliders are an improved version of the original, in that it has more material around the “hook” which should increase MTBF ( Mean Time Before Failure (if ever)) and the trapezoids are also designed to reduce wear on the “hooks”. Thank you, excellent result.

Here all the details with pics and how to install in the link below, have stock available if you need, prices in the link, send me a PM with shipping address