Yes there is a motor on the drivers side (USA) and a cable that actuates the fresh air vent on the passenger side but this is fresh air vents that are on the firewall. The vents that I am talking about are in the interior of the car. Looking at all of the pictures it appears that if the dash is removed you should be able to remove the top of the IHKA without removing it. But then again I may be talking about the duct work on top of the IHKA. I think if the duct work is removed I should be able to get a closer look at the flap and perhaps repair it. What do I have to loose I still have to remove the dash anyway Now its off to find instruction on dash removal.

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was quite long time ago, no sharp memory.
the drive side flap has a motor, and the passenger side flap is actuated from the drover side motor with a bowden cable. And that is accessible from the engine room.
And that I found on a 10/1988 E32 750iL, maybe it is different on other production years.

once more go thru all the pics here