Pulled the heater valve today and cleaned it. Checked to see if the solenoids were working properly, they were. Ran the car and still cold air on passenger side.....Disconnected the wires to the heater core and drove it again but still cold air on the passenger side. By theory if there is no power to the heater valve solenoid I should be getting hot air....correct? Why would I only be getting hot air on the drivers side and cold air on the passengers side?

What does this flap do? Passengerside temperature mixing flap

Following my logic. Kind of scary huh??? Anyway I now believe the problem lies with the cold air flapper on the passenger side. My reasoning is that prior to this problem when ever I would turn off the blower motor I would hear a thump after about 60 seconds. It no longer does this. I now believe this was the cold air flapper on the passenger side, and it was on its way out. Question now, is it the stepper motor, the linkage rod between the stepper motor, or the flapper itself. I know I will have to remove the front console to access the stepper motor but will I have to disassemble the IHKA to repair a broken flapper. I have seen picture of these beast and it looks pretty scary.