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Thread: My 'new' 5 series

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    Default My 'new' 5 series

    I just purchased a 2016 528i. This has a 4 cyl turbo charged engine with automatic transmission.

    Where can I find the motor and body and model designations? My old 1994 530i was E34 I think.

    And how do they get off calling this a 528 when the displacement is only 2 liters?

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    1994 530i is E34. Use your VIN and paste it here http://bmwfans.info/
    to find out the optional extras the car was ordered, use a free VIN decoder like

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    This car is so complex. I can't figure out something as simple as how to control the rear view mirror. It doesn't correspond with the owner's manual. It has push buttons that aren't labeled.

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