A second redo cause I didn't like the finish of the rear wheels. The front wheels with the extraterrestrial clear finish, the aluminum is softer than on the rear wheels. The fronts wheeled out okay but the rears still wont polish up past the 2000 grit. So after respraying with the rest of the Wurth paint I can try try again or say... can't say here but the point is I am very fatigued of it all. The fronts are very shiney for sure, not mirror but close. The rears suck in comparison. I did upload a bunch of pictures but am unable to post them right now. Just don'e want to get into that part. I am thinking 3000, 4000 and 5000 grit actually has a purpose now. Not going to do it to the rears but I bet that is whats missing. The clear paint does not hide any sand or wheel scratches at all. If your wheel shows sanding then after clear you will see them. Why did I bother?