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Thread: Non Bosch re-manufactured Alternator Must see inspection...

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    Default Non Bosch re-manufactured Alternator Must see inspection...

    So I got a reman because I didn't want to wait on the shipping and return for core charge for a genuine Bosch reman unit. I will now go for the genuine Bosch which I should have in the first place.

    This is right out the box. Missing bolt no biggie I can replace it with one from my old one. Noticed the stripped ones on the front that hold the bearing. I guess they didn't need to replace it because they were unable to remove it. SO I have to remove the cover to replace the bolt / stud thing.

    This thing is covered in ground metal like it was stored under a grinder or something.

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    Here are some proficient soldering skills

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    My old alternator for reference

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    Reman regulator on left vs my 160K old regulator.

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    Slip ring is .012 off center, that should last a long time combined with the worn out brushes.

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