Interesting thread on BF with problem details and how it was solved, for info , it starts like this
89 750IL 149K

Right now
I have no start
She cranks fine
I have spark pulses at coils. so I'm assuming I have spark at plugs.
The DK's wiggle at key on ( I replaced both DK's with cleaned ones)
(NO EML light on ) it comes on then 2 seconds later goes off
I have voltage to fuel pumps. at fuses during starting I'm going to say pumps getting voltage
I measured both CPS the Ohms are within range but at the low end. spec 550-650 ohms I get 555 and 560
I measured them at the ECU connector pins 47 to 48 on both ECU's.

I have yet to prove fuel flow. will do after battery charge. I drained it.

thread with pics