1995 525iT (build date 9/94) will not crank, will not start. Battery is fine, everything else works on the car. This happened several weeks ago when I was downtown. I tried to troubleshoot it but the weather was a total downpour and after a week I had the car towed to my house. One of those deals where they slide the tow bar under the rear tires tie it down and lift it up.

A week later I went out and tried to start it again and it fired right up. I immediately drove it into my shop. Stomp test has never worked on this car. My Peake tester shows no error codes. Canít find any blown fuses. Failed to figure it out and it started every time I tried, so I finally said screw it and started driving it,

A couple of weeks later I parked outside the garage and the next day it wouldnít crank or start. I was so ticked off that I let it sit for a week or two. Jumped back in and it started right up with my having not touched it in between.

Itís back in the shop and I donít have a clue what to do next. I tried to check the starter relay but I have no idea where it is and the Bentley manual is no help. It shows two photos of front power distribution boxes but neither one is the same as mine.

Help !