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Thread: Any ideas for opening trunk where button doesn't work?

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    Default Any ideas for opening trunk where button doesn't work?

    I bought a running Virginia 525iA mostly for the (white) trunk lid for my '95 525i (5sp ASC). Boy was I mad when I found that an E34 trunk rusts out at the license lights even worse than an E28! Doesn't BMW learn from their past? It did live for a couple of years in Ohio and it did do annual duty shuttling kids to NE colleges. And they have started using this damn salt brine solution on our roads whenever the forecast indicates any winter precipitation. But, really?

    Anyway, the trunk won't open. Yes, I have the key (drove the car home). I could cut a hole behind the rear seat for access. That's how much I value the parts car. Anyone have a less invasive suggestion for opening the trunk? Ready to do some overdue work on the E34 before it hits 300k, but the trunk rust is really pissing me off. I thought this car would last forever. Now my daily driver is an E28 535i stick. It's like I'm going backward as I age. (The E39 530i stick is stashed in the garage for when it's really needed.)


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