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Thread: [E34] Airbag trouble

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    I got some airbag trouble on my E34. Common troublemaker the slip ring has already been replaced with a NEW dealer item a few months back. I replaced it properly and put it in the "middle" position with the wheel also in the middle position. The steering wheel was able to do a full left and right turn without the feeling you are snapping wires.

    The universal ADS interface I am using (not a BMW computer) says "driver airbag firing circuit fault".

    Assuming the slipring is ok (I will see if i can measure it), what other common airbag issues are known for the E34?

    I have both a driver and passenger airbag.

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    Search does not work. Use any search engine and look up tight steering. That was what the title was when I posted it here. Might come up might not. II'll try to check back tomorrow.
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