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Thread: I have ignition but no start.

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    Default I have ignition but no start.

    Greetings, after several years of my 1988 735i e32 sitting waiting on me to get back to it I have decided to try to get it back running. It will turn over and I get ignition but the vehicle quickly shuts off after the starting fluid Burns off. I have a fuel issue and I'm trying to hunt down the culprit. I'm looking to bench test my fuel pump relay first. Does anyone know how to wire up that relay and test it without it being in the car? Thanks in advance for your help.

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    From own experience I can tell you, in case the car sat for several years, the fuel is bad, the fuel pump is clogged, corroded, inside the tank there will be rust, fuel filter has to be replaced, and I even had one case where an M70 had all injectors clogged from such old gasoline.
    The fuel pump you can test directly outside, just has plus and minus.
    Fuel pump relay test and main relay test here with pics

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