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    Default AC leaking from... ?

    95 530

    My AC has always been on the warm side but did work for years like that. Last year I charged the AC because I found a couple cans of R134. Was a fail due to my manifold hoses being loose. So 2 months ago I charged it with 4 12oz cans and it worked great. Not a big fan of AC and I only use it to defrost the windshield. Today it's raining and the defrost / AC trick didn't work so I turned it all the way cold and nothing, just outside temp air. So low the compressor wont even turn on.

    Where are common AC leaks found on the E34? Compressor seemed fine, no noises or oil around the pulley but it's leaking somewhere and pretty fast I would guess.

    Any help, guesses or advice appreciated.
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