Problem went away. Got new Akebono pads and new rotors and the same caliper sticking to the point of smoke and gunmetal colored rotor. Exercised the caliper piston several times and got dirty fluid out of there. The outer seal is not in any way attached to the inner part of the caliper which is most likely my issue. Right now a new rebuilt caliper is not financially obtainable and 40-45 for used isn't right either so I ordered a re-seal kit. Just for the caliper, the rubber guide pins are fine and not sticky so I'm going with it.

Never ever rebuilt a caliper. Brake cylinders and master cylinders yes. Just like anything new it seems evasive but I cant imagine it to be as perplexing as a transmission and valve body. Not going to replace the rubber line now which seems like hardened plastic because the piston pushes back effortlessly. Just curious why it is sticking slightly. I don'y want to keep pushing the piston in and out cause I might really fubar the seal, it is not leaking and until I get there I don't want it to.

Anyways I will post pictures once I get the mini seal kit and we will see why this thing is sticking.