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Thread: GROUP BUY: Varis/VRS System 1 & 2 Diffuser for E46 M3

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    Default GROUP BUY: Varis/VRS System 1 & 2 Diffuser for E46 M3

    Good Afternoon:

    In conjunction with Bulletproof Automotive in Hawthorne, California, Iíve established a Group Buy for the Varis/VRS Rear Diffuser System 1 & 2 for the BMW E46 M3. This is a true rear diffuser developed in a wind tunnel and made in Japan, not a decorative bumper extension.

    Iíll update this post as people join the group buy. Letís get at least ten E46 M3 owners to join in. The goal is to drive the pricing to the lowest price point.

    Like all of you, I have a busy life, so Iím not hosting the Varis diffuser group buy for an eternity. Letís get it knocked out in fiftyish days. The Varis/VRS Rear Diffuser System 1 & 2 Carbon will end 11:59PM August 15, 2019.

    • Current Bulletproof Individual Pricing: $2,795+ $200 Shipping Continental USA
    • Group buy individual pricing for 2-10: $2,650 (Save 6.02%)
    • Group buy individual pricing for 10+: $2,600 (Save 7.93%)

    Group buy shipping in the Continental USA is $175 except New York City is $200

    Ordering: To place an order with the group buy, contact or call (314) 249-3770 with the following information.

    • Full Name
    • Shipping and billing addresses
    • Contact e-mail address
    • Pay Pal e-mail address if different than your contact e-mail [If you donít have Pay Pal, you can use a credit card through the Pay Pal system]
    • Be very patient, the lead time is 5-6 MONTHS for manufacturing and individual delivery

    When you opt in for the Varis diffuser group buy, Iíll compile a list and at the end of the group buy period, August 15, 2019 send you an e-mail for the payment. You will need to send a Pay Pal payment (Pay Pal: for the diffuser purchase price (California residents will need to include sales tax - Bulletproof will calculate CA sales tax) and shipping.

    Iíll collect all the Pay Pal payments and send one payment to Bulletproof Automotive along with the spreadsheet list of buyers. Iím begging you, if you join the group buy, please be ready to make the payment August 15, 2019. We will wait 72 hours (thatís three days) for your payment.

    Bulletproof will handle processing and shipping as if each purchaser is an individual buyer. To retain your privacy, the only people who will see your contact information are Bulletproof and myself. Once ordered, all communications will be with Jeff Kaney of Bulletproof at (213) 205-3141 or e-mail

    Iíve tried to make this as transparent and simple as possible. If you have any questions, or you would like to join the Varis diffuser group buy, contact me at (314) 249-3770 or Happy Motoring!

    Mark Pfeffer
    2001 BMW M3 (Temporarily Diffuserless)
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