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Thread: Where is a/c compressor control relay on '90 535?

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    Default Where is a/c compressor control relay on '90 535?

    Car is a 1990 535i, manual, 7/90 build date. A/C compressor will not engage, even though the blue light on the dash lights up. Fuses are good. Thought I would check the compressor relay (K19?) but can't find it - doesn't seem to be in the main power distribution box on left side of engine compartment by firewall, nor in the auxiliary relay box just forward of there. Saw some documentation saying it's in the left side front kick panel behind the speaker, but there's nothing there.

    Any ideas where this relay is?

    - Dave
    Dave Rutkowski
    '08 M3 6sp
    '90 535i 5sp
    '81 635CSi dogleg (track car)

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    when I use the 1991 ETM and go to the end under component location views, there you see on page 7100-0-01 pic 1 left hand rear corner of engine department K19 compressor control relay close to the CCM module.
    1990 is shown in the 1990 ETM on page 7100-0-0 in a different location, but also in the left hand engine bay fuse box with CCM and LKM

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