As I completed process of disassembly to do the timing in the morning:

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I break out my cam tool kit that I bought last year. I worked on one side and a friend worked on the other. He mentioned the cams were pretty far off so I turned them as he slid the blocks on. As I was starting to put the valve covers on I noticed something peculiar while glancing at the cams on the right side. I felt really uneasy.

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Sure enough. Car did not want to idle and had to drive it carefully until I received another kit.

All back together with about 6 degrees advance on both. Might retard the exhaust 12 from where it is. Power band comes on hard at 4K and pulls harder through 5k. Still would like some 3K rpm love.

Since I did it twice already a third would be even easier. If you take the allen off the tool you can set one cam different than the other using just the exhaust tool and turning the crank.