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    No power to starter - I think it is the EWS3 module. I tried re-initialize my key - this process appeared to work as the doors all locked and unlocked at the end of the process, but still no power to the starter. My next step is to jump the contacts in the EWS3 to see if I can get the starter to spin - I think the engine will still not start with the starter spinning as the DME will not allow spark or fuel because the EWS3 is faulty and not permitting fuel or spark. Any thoughts or suggestions? Also, any suggestions on which fault code reader to buy?


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    which model and built year? Drive Away Protection System (EWS) explained
    Drive Away Protection
    The first version of Drive Away Protection was installed on production vehicles 9/93 through 12/93.
    Purpose of The System
    The purpose of the Drive Away Protection system was to reduce vehicle theft as mandated by the European Insurance Commission to combat the high theft rate in European Countries.
    This first version of the Drive Away Protection System added a circuit from the General Module to the DME. The added circuit was spliced into the existing code function from the Board Computer (BC) to the DME. The components of the Drive Away Protection System are:
    • Door Lock Switch
    • General Module
    • Board Computer
    • DME

    EWS I
    EWS I was installed on vehicles beginning production 1/94, replacing the original Drive Away Protection System. Purpose of the System
    The next level of compliancy with the European Insurance Commission required additional changes from the previous system. An additional component was added called the Starter Immobilization Relay. This relay module provides added theft prevention and safety features. At the time of introduction the system was referred to as Electronic Drive Away Protection which in German is Electronische Wegfahrsperre or EWS. The EWS I system consisted of the following components:
    • Starter Immobilization Relay
    • Door Lock Cylinders and Switch
    • General Module
    • Board Computer (if equipped)
    • Transmission Range Switch
    • DME Engine Speed Signal (Beginning 6/94 Production)
    • DWA (E31)

    Starter Immobilization Relay
    The Starter Immobilization Relay was installed on E31, E34 and E36 vehicles.
    It was in the following location:
    E36 -In the relay carrier to the left of the steering column.
    E31/E34 -In the “A” pillar above the footwell kick panel speaker.
    The Starter Immobilization Relay functions as a “Smart Relay”, a relay which receives inputs from various sources looking at the proper combination of input signals before activating a component, in this case the starter.
    The Starter Immobilization Relay receives input from:
    • Ignition Switch • General Module • Board Computer • Trans Range Switch • DME (>6/94)
    And processes output to: • Starter • DME

    EWS II
    Starting with 1/95 production, all vehicles were equipped with a new EWS system, EWS II. This change was once again brought about to meet the next level of compliancy with the European Insurance Commission regulations.
    EWS II was installed on E31, E34, E36, E38 and E39 vehicles. Major components of the EWS II system are:
    • Key with Transponder
    • Ring Antenna
    • Transmitter/Receiver Module
    • EWS II Control Module
    • DME Control Module

    EWS III (3.2)
    The 1997 Model Year E38 is equipped with EWS III (3.2) drive away protection. E39 vehicles produced 3/97 and later are also equipped with EWS III (3.2).

    EWS III (3.3)
    EWS III (3.3) is installed in the 1998 E38 from 5/97 production, in the 1998 E39 from 9/97 production, in the E46 beginning of production, in the E52 and E53 beginning of production.

    EWS III D is installed on E36/7 beginning of production 99 Model Year. The system does not have a K-Bus input.

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    2005 BMW X3 built 2004-10-13Name:  EWS3 Module.jpg
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Size:  41.6 KB - looks like it is an EWS3 by the data on the module label.

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    Shogun – attached is a photo showing the EWS3 circuit board(I removed the circuit board from the EWS3 box) and an internal wiring diagramof the Tyco #Y23076-A3001-C132 relay module used in the EWS3. Terminals 1 & 2 power the relay modulecoil.Terminals 4 & 5 are connectedto the (2) large male spade connectors on the EWS3.If I jump between the (2) large female spadeconnectors in the plug that connects to the EWS3, the starter should spin – butis does not, no sound, no clicking sound like a starter solenoidenergizing.Any thoughts?

    Name:  EWS3 Relay Module.jpg
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    Shogun - From my voltmeter, I see 12 volts at one of the wires feeding power to the EWS3 contacts when I turn the ignition switch to 'start'. When I jump between the relay contact wires of the EWS3, I see 12 volts at the other contact wire. What I don't see (or hear) is the starter motor spinning with the ignition switch in 'start' and the jumper in place. Fuses F14 and F67 in the glove compartment fuse box are good - they feed the EWS3. Still no luck getting the starter to spin - I'm suspecting the starter solenoid. Any thoughts?

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    I'm not Shogun (!), but on X3 as it is was designed to accommodate CANbus it will be implemented differently to E31/2/4/6. Should be more like late E39 and E46.

    All I know is that you need several inputs to allow start, not just the code from the key transponder, and the rolling code check with the ECU, but numerous inputs from body electronics which in the older cars are just high/low voltage signalling coming from the alarm module (DWA), OBC and crash relay (etc.?). Any one of these going high/low to indicate a trigger will prevent start but not run via the EWS3 module.

    On a full CANbus car (not semi-can like early e39) you would need to know what the signals are- eg voltage, PWM or is it a CANbus message? In which case it is a good idea to sniff the messaging on the CANbus before going to far (again, assuming your EWS/DWA is going over the CAN which early EWS 3 as linked by Shogun does not, AFAIK- I've not looked at X3/EWS 3.3 yet). Not sure this is helpful to you, sorry I cannot contribute any clearer clues.
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