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Thread: 2000 E46 323 4 Sale

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    Default 2000 E46 323 4 Sale

    Just doing a preliminary post to keep somewhere and update as I remember things.

    2000 BMW 323i E46
    129,000 miles
    Clean and clear title
    Looks and drives fine
    All windows, doors and locks work
    Cold AC and hot heat*
    Good tires
    Good brakes
    Rebuilt & upgraded transmission
    Replaced & bled cooling system
    Bled brakes

    The Bad
    Drips oil - Oil level sensor needs replacing (have part)
    * Blower fan works when it wants to (have part)
    ABS shudders on braking unless the DTS button is pressed before driving
    (Bled brake fluid and cleaned all 4 sensors)

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    ABS is likely to be just air-bubbles, unless the module is on its last toes. Brakes for e46 are great, all the parts super cheap and of course always worth throwing on some new lines whilst you're at it)

    Oil leak is likely the $2 oil filter housing gasket, or just the valve cover gaskets (buy an OEM one to get a silicone/synthetic oil compatible one, so you don't have to do it every 10,000).

    The colour of yours reminded me of the video some tool made about why not to buy one. Back when I got mum her e46 I watched it, and remember thinking, 'Is that all that goes wrong, I can deal with all that nice and easy, better find one as good as that! (for laughs)

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