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Thread: ZF5HP19 A5S325Z Reverse issues

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    Default ZF5HP19 A5S325Z Reverse issues

    On the 2000 323 E46 with ZF5HP19 A5S325Z trans. Previously this trans blew the reverse / D drum so I rebuilt it and put in a new vale body kit to stop the over pressure issue.

    Transgo Updated Design Pressure Regulator Valve Kit

    Today I went to reverse then drive then reverse again trying to move the car. The 2nd time no reverse, just like neutral drive was fine and back to a neutral reverse issue. Then I put it in park and shut it off and it would not restart. Played with the shifter with key in on position and it started in park. I figured the only way for reverse to work it to go into park and then to reverse and it works every time. When the no reverse issue playing with the shift position makes no difference.

    Just wondering if anyone has heard about such an issue. I am going to sell this POS one way or the other but if this is something super simple I do want to try and address the issue... amongst other things.
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