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Thread: Will an E34 M50 sedan OEM exhaust fit an E34 M50 Touring ?

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    Default Will an E34 M50 sedan OEM exhaust fit an E34 M50 Touring ?

    Got this by PM from a new member who just registered, but still waits for registration reconfirmation to post. As I do not own an E34, I post the details here, maybe the E34 experts can reply:

    Will an E34 M50 sedan OEM exhaust fit an E34 M50 Touring ?
    Dear Shogun,
    My name is ...., I live in Montreal, Qc. Canada, and I'm sending you this PM because I have not been able to post on the forum. Iím having a surprisingly difficult time locating an exhaust system (catback) for my car. My question is simple (although I have additional information posted below), as you can see from the title. I have researched this and other sites for two weeks, without discovering a clear answer. but I can't post for some reason, so I send it to you because you have a lot of expertise.
    The VIN is WBAHJ631XNG E34 M50 type code HJ63, prod. date 04/1992. RealOEM shows center muffler 18121427802 which supersedes181217286
    real muffler 18101705761 which supersedes 18121427800, 18121744126, and 18121728625

    Numbers for the sedan, same month of production are one 1 number up :
    center muffler 18121427801
    Rear muffler 18101705760
    The Catalytic converter numbers also differ by one between the touring and the sedan :

    Touring : 18301728616
    Sedan 18301728417

    However the gasket ring sizes for the coupling between the cat and the center muffler are identical for both sedan and touring : 47 mm on the driver side tube and 50 mm on the passenger tube , which suggests that the diameters are the same. The flange for the coupling has the same part number for both sedan and touring as well.

    Bottom line : I can locate the OEM (Eberspacher) exhaust in the US for the sedan but not for the touring. Are they the same ?


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    got a reply from Mike: i can tell you that an e34 M5 sedan exhaust fit's an e34 m5 touring, despite slightly different part numbers. From that i'd think a m50 sedan exhaust should physically fit a touring with same engine.
    another comment: Sedans and Tourings are identical ahead of the B-pillar and under the floor. The exhaust will fit.
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    Thanks you Shogun for you help, and thank you Bill for getting me on line. I put a brief bio on my id page. I left out my recent acquisition, and 1995 E36 M42 hatchback, which I bought in Reno Nv. for my daughter, with 160 k, but which she now has to fight me to get the keys. I do want to say that this is the best forum I've found for information on the E34, and I've looked around a lot. I don't like to sell cars, I hang on to them for a long time and the information Ive found here as a lurker has been important in keeping my E34 touring alive. I love the car, it is perfect for fishing and camping. I'm taking it to the track at Mt. Tremblant for the first time in a couple of weeks when the snow melts, with the local BMW club. (I've never been on a track either). Any suggestions you have for preparing it would be welcome's.

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    This site formerly was the single reason that I kept my first E34. Was just going to flip the car until I learned here that it is possible to work on these things myself. I found them easier than '70 GM vehicles except the electrical lol.
    95 E34 530I V2.34
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