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Thread: E32 Technology and Diagnostics video (German)

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    Default E32 Technology and Diagnostics video (German)

    A YouTube user uploaded a video some days ago about the E32. It shows technical details and design elements. I assume the original video is from 1986, as they explain the old Motronic M1.1, which was replaced later by the M1.3 for the M30.
    Even if you do not understand German, it is worth to watch all 29.21 minutes, explains the complete system, where which control units are etc.
    It is also good as DIY training video, how to remove bumpers, where all the relays and modules are.
    How to remove the trunk lid they also show, but that I found out from another brochure already more 12 years ago, here the picks how to make out of your E32 a pick up in a few minutes
    Also nice the demonstration of the fuel injectors in normal operation and limited operation mode. If the inductive sensor/donut on the plug wire fails then it goes into gang firing, since the M30 is a semi sequential design meaning that it triggers the injectors in 2 banks of 3 every other revolution, when it goes into the gang fire, then it triggers all six at the same time every revolution but decreases the volume of fuel by 50% .

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    SMM Memory, Softclose Tueren + Kofferraum, Zentralverriegelung, Abblendbarer Innenspiegel, Standheizung/Klima, elektr. Heckrollo, Rollos fuer die Seitenscheiben, Zentralverriegelung ZKE, 25 Minutes, also includes something for E34 and E30mNeues aus der Teiletechnik Teil 2

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