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    I got my annual birthday notice from Bimmernut again, which always makes think about the unique group of E34 lovers we have here. It is amazing to see the same names still posting. I joined this forum in 2005 as a 18 year old, and extracted immense value over the course of years of tenuous E34 ownership. I since moved on and run a E61 535xi and an E39 M5, but always have had a weak spot for the E34. I've felt that in the past 5 years the auto forums have pretty much given way to facebook groups, I am glad to see this one is still kicking. If anyone is in the Minneapolis or Iowa City areas, we should hang out.

    Funny story to close out, a buddy who runs an euro car shop bought a E24 635 to restore. At one point he could not get it to start anymore. Neither him, nor his BMW techs could figure this out. He had no spark and no fuel. Replaced fuel filter, fuel pump and swapped in an ECU to no avail. In about 2 minutes I fixed it for him. Who wants to guess what was wrong?

    Here is the hint that any OG bmw driver should understand.


    Hope all are well!
    1995 525i "Stefanie"

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    What was the issue?
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