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Thread: Revisit 540 seat into 530

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    Default Revisit 540 seat into 530

    Tried to put this in before winter, it did move foreward and back to install but stopped. I put the old 530 seat back in, would move foreward and back to get it bolted in. Tried again today and no movement, SRS on the dash. Threw literally the 540 seat out and back to the trashed 530 seat, moved no issues. Bolted in and good as it was.

    The 540 seat did move once upon a time.

    The SRS light ignited and the seat didn't move.

    The 530 seat has no issues.

    No memory computers so it should move just like the 530 seat but it's dead. 530 seat is alive and well.

    Almost seems like there is a blown fuse in the seat itself...
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