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    My '95 530i currently has 225/60R15 Uniroyal tires that I want to replace. What other tire sizes that are compatible with my 15x7 wheels? My car is not lowered. Do you think it is better for me to upgrade to 16s or 17s to have more options?

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    I went with 205/65r15 on mine, the 225 were unobtanium. You want to keep the diameter close to stock so the speedo stays somewhat accurate. Tire place told me they couldn't put them on because they are not specified for the car. I said you have nothing else available and they put them on anyway.

    Check this link, can compare all different sizes and wheel size options.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. The diameter and width of 205/65 are almost the same with 225/60.

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    yes you can go to a 17x8 wheel and run 235/45/17 tyres. Plenty of options available.

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    15*2.54 = 38.1 centimeters tire hole diameter.
    (60% of 225 ) * 2 = 27 centimeters 2 heights of tire wall.
    Total wheel diameter = 65.1 centimeters.

    Calculate the new size satisfying the desired rim size in accordance to this figure +/- 5 millimeters.

    Additionally, this link provides a helpful chart relating rim width to a tire's:

    This snapshot shows the portion of interest: Name:  Screenshot_20180702-184301.jpg
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