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Hey Genphreak, havent tried 245s up front with my ET22s. But i do have quite a lot of clear space all around with my 235s, so i would dare say that 245s should clear aswell. The only point i saw that there was some light rubbing (as in only touching the letters on the side). Was when i lifted the car, if i turn the steering completely to either side, the outer wheel will rub on the chasis frame. But that happens only with the suspension completely extended (so due to negative camber the wheel goes closer to the chasis rails).

Aside from that, no rubbing anywhere up front. The rears ... i cant comment since my car's ass is quite high (about 30mm from the wheel arches) and suspension is quite stiff (got a heavy CNG tank in the trunk), so it rarely goes that low, even with 2 adults in the back.
Yes the chassis rail is a bug-bear for some. But strut too, IIRC.

Bare in mind, when looking at the gaps, you have to allow differing amounts of wiggle room for when the car is cornering hard and the tyre squirms on the rim, also for the lower control arm bushings to compress or extend (dep on the side forcing the turn.