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Thread: Urethane bushings

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    Default Urethane bushings

    Any body ever try these.
    They are much less than the power flex brand.

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    I stay with standard rubber bushings. One of my wrenching buddies had Polyurethane bushings installed in his Alpina and threw them out again and replaced by OE rubber. They made squeaking noise when not well lubricated, in your link they also mention: Lubricant Included, so that means they need lube every few years. Higher road noise, increased vibrations, increased harshness. There are also positive points for Poly of course.
    But no need to type write it down, read here ... Rubber vs Polyurethane Suspension Bushings

    Armstrong seems to be a distributor, not a maker. Never heard of them before.

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    I've put them on a number of customers cars, almost nobody in the desert here is happy with them. They squeak so much when dried out. I only use the bmw rubber bushings now.

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    I had them a long time and they never squeaked. But there is no salt put on the roads here, the climate is humid/subtropical climate, never below 10 degrees C.

    IMHO they made the steering quite harsh, increasing NVH far higher than BMW would ever approve of. Made for a positive drive though, and okay for a race car certainly. Mine were not a stiff polyeurethane mixture either, so it can be a gamble. The Powerflex ones are very good I hear, mine were local Australian ones, but I hear the UK Powerflex ones are well designed for e34. Also they fit very easily in comparison to the one-piece ones many others sell.

    Best to lookup the part numbers for the E32 750 or E34 M5 bushings. M5 ones probably cost a lot more and the 750 ones would do as well.

    There are many aftermarket ones around, claiming to be this and that, but unless you can verify what they give you is for E32 750, be careful.
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    Another vote for bmw rubber bushings. They are better than those replacement ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tim s View Post
    Any body ever try these.
    They are much less than the power flex brand.
    Yes, they are good for some 10 hours of racing, providing tighter response and fast reaction times. Not a drivable option however. If front end shimmy cannot be otherwise helped , and I drove the car once a month, I would consider using them for upper control arms - last resort option.
    Buy BMW original parts bushings - best advice.
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