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Thread: brake caliper rebuild kits

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    Default brake caliper rebuild kits

    Found a company in the U.K. with reasonable prices and big stock, Bigg Red – Brake Caliper Reman & Coating Specialist, they claim they are the leading UK Brake Caliper Remanufacturing and Component Specialist, with over 100,000 caliper components in stock.
    brake calipers, pistons, brake calipers repair kits, brake master repair kits, brake caliper repair kits, bleed screws, brake slider bolts, brake pad pin kits, for example I selected an E32 750 1996-1994 and they have these brake caliper repair kits, very competitive prices and complete kits

    also selling on Ebay
    even for classic cars like Austin, older Peugeot, Landcruiser, Volvo etc

    update: asked on a U.K. forum, reply: I used one of their kits on my offside front caliper about 18 months ago for my E32. it has been fine since. I replaced the nearside prior to that by buying an exchange caliper through our local motor factors. The rebuild kit was was about a third the price of the exchange kit. Only difficulty i experienced was fitting the new dust seal in, that was awkward. I would be happy to use them again.
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