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    got 2 original keys with the car. Central lock never worked by remote. Key programming procedure pointing at the inside mirror no longer works.

    2 years ago, I tried programming both keys for central locking but everytime I succesfully programmed 1 key, the other key would stop working on remote lock.

    Now, the mirror procedure doesnt work at all. Keys are fine, batteries are fine.

    Do I need to reset something in the cars DWA to make the mirror procedure work again?

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    First one with IR mirror. That initialization lock looks plausible. Time to get INPA/DIS out.

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    Ok situation is about solved.|

    INPA was used to reset the initialization block. I was still not able to program my keys.

    I replaced my mirror with another mirror (IR receiver is in the mirror). I now have an auto-dimming mirror and can exclude my old IR receiver as troublemaker so its an upgrade at the same time.

    I waited a day before I tried to initialize again and I succesfully initialized 1 key. Since I did not have my spare key with me, I just have 1 key with remote for now.

    I will now arrange for 2 more keys from a junker, replace the cuts with an uncut bar and make 4 keys with remote cut to my locks. I will then (just in case) use INPA again to reset the initialization and will program all 4 of them one after the other.

    This should fix 4 keys (max is also 4)

    Possibly, the IR receiver went bad (POSSIBLY) since I was not able to initialize even 1 key after INPA reset. Changing the mirror solved that.

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