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Thread: The sound of a defective PVC valve M60

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    Default The sound of a defective PVC valve M60

    34 540 with M60 and 5HP30 transmission, the owner thought the noise comes from the 5HP30 transmission, maybe too low ATF or defective o-ring on the trans filter.
    Then someone told him: when this noise comes, remove the engine oil filler cap slightly, if then the noise is gone and there is a slight vacuum which pulls the filler cap on the valve cover, it is a defective PVC crankcase vent valve oil separator. This was confirmed to him also by a specialist from ZF, no problem with the trans. PCV Crankcase Vent Valve Oil Separator defective.

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    Leaking gasket sound. Much more prevalent in colder areas. Like a bugle but quiet under the usual engine sound.
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    Hahaa! From our Dutch E34forum.

    We thought torque converter as the poster was hinting at gearbox trouble.

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