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Thread: the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated, also i own a e34 again

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    got 2k miles now, obc is dialed to with in a mpg over the last 2 tanks with .820 correction factor. finally got the tach working, couldn't find anything obvious on the tach wire with my scope but when i bypassed the harness it worked so something is obviously shorted, so the bypass was routed and is permanent.
    got a bluetooth adapter for the cd43 part# LPBMRBWW (for when the link dies) good sound, phone works hands free but its a little quirky in that you need to jack up the volume for phone but it immediately switches to music and blows your eardrums when the call ends, i may play with the dipswitches and see if i can get the respective levels closer.
    headliner recover will likely be next then or paint touch up, got a few yards of material and adhesive so its down to when i wanna get my dick stuck in my zipper i can start that little slice of fun
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